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Want to use Living Together for different ministry needs? The Living Together: Complete Digital Package is designed for both flexibility and affordability.


This package includes licenses based on different ministry sizes. Included are the complete copies of both the teacher and student editions of the Living Together curriculum for 11th Grade.


See the different license options below:

Living Together – Complete Digital Package [PDF]

  • Description

    Living Together is the second series of a comprehensive 3-year curriculum series, written specifically for KNA high school students’ spiritual formation.  It is organized by our 4-C’s principle, encompassing Christ, Competence, Culture, and Community.  Living Together invites students to explore their faith in relevant, honest, and practical ways, so they can confidently claim Christian faith as their own.

    In each year, we address the specific challenges present in each developmental stage of adolescence.  The progression we emphasize is: rooting, growing, and thriving.

    Juniors (11th) – Growing  in Jesus Christ
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    ·    The common experience of 11th grade: Transformative State; Transition; Cultivating Maturity; Power Struggle with Parents
    ·    Themes that Living Together addresses: Healthy Dating, Social Skills, Model Minority Myth, and more!

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