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Want to use Living Between affordably for different ministry needs? The Living Between: Complete Digital Package is designed for both flexibility and affordability.


This package includes licenses based on different ministry sizes. Included are the complete copies of both the teacher and student editions of the Living Between curriculum.


See Exclusive Curriculum Content to see more samples of Living Between.


See the different license options below:

Living Between – Complete Digital Package [PDF]

  • Description

    Living Between is a comprehensive 3-year curriculum series, written specifically for KNA high school students’ spiritual formation. It is organized by our 4-C’s principle, encompassing Christ, Competence, Culture, and Community. Living Between invites students to explore their faith in relevant, honest, and practical ways, so they can confidently claim Christian faith as their own.

    In each year, we address the specific challenges present in each developmental stage of adolescence.  The progression we emphasize is: rooting, growing, and thriving.

    1st year “Living Between”: Rooting  in Jesus Christ

    • The common experience of KNA youth: Transformative state; Transition; Embarking on maturity; Dilemma
    • Topics being written in Living Between: Temptations, Stress, Pressures, and more!

    2nd year “Living Together”: Growing in Jesus Christ 

    • Topics being written: Sex & Healthy Dating; Discerning God’s Will; Trauma & Grief; Relational Evangelism

    3rd year “Living Faithfully”: Thriving in Jesus Christ

    • Topics being written: Sanctification; Leadership; Vocational Discernment; Faith & Science; Leaving Home & Life After High School; Money

    “What could be more important than having the right tools to pass along the living hope and love of Jesus Christ to the next generation? This creative, thoughtful, biblical, and culturally tailored curriculum for Korean North American youth is just such a tool, meeting a very real need that no other resource does in such an accessible way. I have no doubt it will stimulate conversations and insights that move Korean North American youth to deeper levels of understanding, community, and faith.”

    -Dr. Mark Labberton, President of Fuller Theological Seminary

    “Many thanks to G2G Center for producing this wonderful curriculum! I believe that Living Between will be a great tool and resource to raise up the next generation of faithful Korean North American Christians.  It will help many Korean North American youth to develop deeper and stronger relationships with the triune God, the Korean North American church, and the global world that is in need of caring and faithful leaders.”

    -Rev. Mark Young Ho Ro, Education Pastor of Young Nak Presbyterian Church, LA

    “This resource offers a much needed series of lessons for adolescents in navigating the complexities of being a daughter or son of Korean immigrant parents. The strength of this curriculum is its linking of the Korean North American context to the Bible through the use of powerful stories of faith. Beyond this, it is a lived faith that the authors promote, so that youth will have the opportunity to reflect on how these stories are enacted as disciples of Christ today.”

    -Dr. Kathy L. Dawson, Associate Professor of Christian Education, Columbia Theological Seminary

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