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친구가 되어주는 부모 My Friend, My Child (2nd year, Korean)

My Friend, My Child  is the second series curriculum specifically written for Korean immigrants and KNA parents to help them walk with their children as they embark on their spiritual journeys. Designed to be used as a companion study to the student curriculum, this material is also based on real stories depicting the challenges and joys of KNA parents interacting with their teenage children.


This curriculum seeks to provide biblical and theological insights and guidance for parents navigating the world of Christian parenting.


This curriculum is written in Korean.

친구가 되어주는 부모 My Friend, My Child (2nd year) [Paperback]

SKU: PT-002
  • Description

    • 2nd-year parents curriculum in the three-year series
    • Chapter: 8 chapters
    • Language: Korean
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