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Happy New Year!

Dear Friends and Colleagues of G2GKODIA

As the year 2017 comes to a close, we would like to thank you for your incredible support and committed prayers you have exhibited throughout the year. We give all the glory and thanks to God ultimately. From the blessings and growth of this ministry, the ever-expanding support, and the vast opportunities to meet and share with the like-minded people, we see His guiding and protecting hands. That brings us great joy.

In 2017, we were able to serve more than ten churches in training and workshop for teachers and youth pastors as well as parents and held monthly theological forums for seminary students as well as pastors. Moreover, we have successfully launched a pilot youth event, #NoFilter, in November in Los Angeles, California where about 100 Korean American Christian Youth have gathered to openly share their question about life and faith in God with six very well qualified panelists. This event was particularly the highlight of the year since these youths have been given a day to raise their questions and challenges that they encounter in life & faith as they develop their identity as Korean/Asian North American Christians. This event aimed to create a space for young people to be empowered and encouraged as well as equipped in ways that are cogent, relevant, and nurturing so that they could be able to answer some of the life’s tough questions for themselves grounded in the Christian faith. Furthermore, since our sister organization G2GKorea has launched last year in Korea, it has published thirty-two (32) students’ chapters, sixteen (16) parents’ chapters, and teacher’s guidebook on how teachers can effectively, conversationally communicate with youths in the Bible Study. The interest in the Korean contextualized version of the G2G-KODIA curriculum has been increasing in Korea, which has been a great encouragement for us.

We know this is only the beginning of our ministry as a research/educational institute (in providing the resources for the Korean North American churches), and we acknowledge that we have much more work ahead. Please continue to pray for us. Even as the ministry grows, and the opportunities multiply, we realize how much more important it will be to steward the work we have been entrusted by God.

Thank you for your friendship and your generous giving and faithful prayers. We believe the best years are ahead.

We wish you a blessed new year, 2018!


Hak Joon Lee

Sung Hwan No

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